A Specific Word About Your Specific Situation

March 11, 2013

I have a specific Word about the situation you are facing right now.  I’d love to share this Word with you, but before I do that, I’d like to remind you about a couple of things that you probably already know.

You Are ‘IN’ The Right Place At The Right Time

You are not behind schedule.  You are not ahead of schedule.  You are exactly where you should be right now.  You are radically different from the person (people) you are comparing yourself with.  You only make ‘sense’ in Christ, and that’s exactly where you are.  You are ‘IN‘ Him.  You and Christ are so intricately intertwined, that separation from Him is impossible.  Jesus Christ is in the exact right place at the exact right time.  As a result, so are you.  Just know that as you begin this new week.

You Lack Nothing

The reality of everything good and desirable that you have longed for is Christ.  Everything that you have desired and cried out for in your spirit, yet felt that you have lacked, are now fulfilled in Christ.  He is the reality of all that you want.  Believe that.  Even though it may currently seem like it, in reality, you lack nothing.  He has already given you everything.  The specifics and totality of this are found in Christ.  This Christ is not just a theory that you read about in a book, however.  This Word (Christ) is a person with skin on for you today.  He has a body.  What you really desire will be found in Him, through His body parts (your brothers and sisters), which is only where His fullness can be found.  What He will give you through His body will be different and so much beyond what you can ask, think, or imagine right now.  The reality of Christ is truly better than the ‘shadow’ you have desired.  As we grow in our awareness of this, we will see the ‘shadow’ and appropriately appreciate the ‘shadow’ as a shadow.  The ‘shadow’ will point us to the reality, but the reality will no longer be ‘overshadowed’ by the shadow in our eyes.

The reality of this ‘everything’ (Christ) is not just ‘IN‘ your brothers and sisters.  This Word (Christ) is actually ‘IN‘ you as well!  You carry an irreplaceable portion of Him that cannot, and will not, be found anywhere else in the universe.  This Word (Christ) is in you right now.

A Word For Your Specific Situation         

Even though I may not be aware of your specific situation right now, I have a Word that applies.  We all need to be reminded of this Word that dwells ‘IN’ us from time to time.  This specific Word is so rich in meaning and reality, that every word in every man made language could not adequtely communicate all that this Word encompasses.  This Word applies to your situation right now.  This Word is bearing your burdens, wiping away your tears, and giving you His life and satisfaction.  Let this short video be a reminder of the Word that dwells within you, and that applies to your specific situation today.  By the way, it is always ‘today’.


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With His love,

Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee

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19 responses to A Specific Word About Your Specific Situation

  1. Jamal,
    Thank you immensely, my dear brother, for this glorious and wondrous lift, Today.

  2. Thank you. My heart is full. I’m passing it on.

  3. Boy, did I need to hear that today. Thank you for being faithful with words. 🙂

  4. My wonderful sister, Christa, shared this same revelation of Christ with me years past. When faced with many of life’s challenges, I am reminded of her words, “Jesus Christ is the Way.” I know I can rest in the way I am going because I am in Christ and He is the Way.

  5. Excellent reminder brother. Really appreciate this post today!

  6. “He is the doorway of deliverance”….please pray that I will know this today and everyday in Him. I believe that I have had knowledge of lacking nothing in Christ and now I desire a deeper healing of this truth. As you well know brother, it has been such a struggle for me to believe that I am in the right place geographically! Today after reading your blog, I feel a shift taking place that I can be IN His right place no matter where I am. Thanking you seems to inadequately express my gratitude for your unique expression of our Groom. We need a heavenly language to express the fullness of our hearts! His wisdom flows through your writings dear brother and it is truly unique 🙂

    ‘IN’ Christ’s Love,


  7. I SO love that when I read words of life, my spirit agrees whole-heartedly. It is like something deep inside of me leaps; something comes alive & agrees. Maybe it is discernment. Thank you, Jamal for sharing your beautiful gift of words from the tree of Life.

  8. Thank you!!:)

  9. Ahmet Murat Dincer March 12, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    My heart is so warm and the words are not enough to tell how I am effected.,
    with my respectfully
    A. Murat Dincer

  10. Wow! Thank you for this.

  11. Perfect Word to me at the right time. Appreciate it more than you know.
    Great video!


  12. amazing, bro. you’re helping change lives.
    for the first time, I’m realizing what my lack of fellowship is. (I’m still trying to follow Christ, but haven’t really been in church/fellowship for over three years.) I need his love! and I need it through his body: my brothers and sisters!
    I will find a church. thank you!!!

  13. if you only knew 🙂
    love and blessings, brother!

  14. David Breakeronenine Carothers April 22, 2013 at 3:51 am

    Awesome and powerful….that’s my King. amen

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