Warning…Upcoming Posts Next Week For Mature Audiences Only

March 29, 2013

Although I am excited about next week's posts, I can honestly say that it will not be suitable for all audiences. The content that will be shared will simply be too foreign for many. Much of evangelicalism is still operating within a 'sin management', law based mindset. As a result, much of what will be shared on the blog next week will be offensive, and possibly even dangerous for many.

I am not trying to be dramatic when I say that next week's posts should not be read by everyone. For those who have been awakened to the radical nature of the New Covenant, however, these posts will be unnervingly refreshing.

Yes…something can be 'unnerving', yet refreshing at the same time.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a book from Amazon. I was excited to receive this particular book because this book had been recommended to me from a few different sources. The title and subject matter of the book had me quite curious. Like a child waiting for Christmas, I eagerly waited for this book to arrive in the mail. When it finally came, I dove into it.

The book has deeply encouraged my spirit, and it has also challenged me in new unexpected ways as well. This book has finally put words to a reality that my spirit has naturally come awake to over the last couple of years. What I have read has literally brought me to tears several times.

I will release two blog posts next week dealing with this glorious book. The first post will be released this Monday April 1st, and will be a short book review in which I will reveal the title and incredible subject matter of this book for you.

I can't wait to tell you about it!

The second blog post will be released two days later on Wednesday April 3rd, and will be an interview with the author of this book. The author of this glorious book has graciously agreed to come on the blog to explain his heart a bit further. I am truly excited about this post as well.

Have I mentioned that I am excited to introduce this glorious book to you?

I hope some of you will tune in!

Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee

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8 responses to Warning…Upcoming Posts Next Week For Mature Audiences Only

  1. Jamal, Really? The author! You are definitely a radical light. I know what book it is, though you haven’t told me, I just know. I read it too. And, about that warning, yes, excellent idea; it could have some of us puppies chasing our tails, or at least, send us into a tailspin. 😉

  2. Jamal,

    I decline to answer for this reason: Let’s consider the unseen element of what we talk about when we talk about surprises. I had experiences in my years, that when I heard that a person had a surprise for me, the very thought, made me instantly tremble on the outside, while on the inside, I would freeze within the words. I have learned through the body of Christ, and especially from an older loving brother in Christ, that surprises are a wondrous and joyous happening. This elder brother would call me, and say, “We sent you a surprise, you will get it soon, so look for it.” I would go silent, a quiet hesitation, you know, frozen. And then, I would speak like out of breath and slowly say, “Okay, I will.” I cannot remember how many times this happened, only that, now, when a person says they have a surprise for me, I smile. It took many happenings in Christ to teach me that surprises can fill the heart with a connected and unified Love. Surprises tend to be akin to hope, and hope is akin to great expectation, and expectation is akin to longing anticipation, like we all have for the sight of Reality in the Fullness of Love and Glory, our Life, Whom we know and live. Father simply joys in giving us surprises, and sometimes, with a humor that lights up our hearts with His chuckling laugh. So, why should I say, a guess? And, I could be absolutely wrong, but then again, I could be absolutely right. And, either way, I look forward to these coming post of yours with great anticipation and a smile.

    In Love!

  3. Something to look forward to on Monday!! Can’t wait!!

  4. I thought I knew what book you are referring to Jamal, now I’ll wait, regardless I’m looking to be encouraged, and possibly challenged by your post. and the following interview.

    Jesus will ‘stretch’ us into His perfect will, and do so with His perfect grace

  5. David Breakeronenine Carothers March 30, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Already chewed my nails off…..to fat to chew my other nails off!……guess I’ll have to wait. Been waiting for Jesus since I got saved so in a way I’m a little used to waiting. Blessings on your writings.

  6. All i can say, Jamal, is, if on Monday all I see are the words ‘April Fool’. I’m not gonna be happy about it…LOL. Can hardly wait!

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