The Number 165 & My Blogging Future…

April 24, 2013


The number 165 is quite significant for me. Since this blog was created, one hundred and sixty five articles have been posted here. That might not sound like a lot, but it is. The experience of writing has been like nothing else I have experienced in my life. It has been rewarding, yet heart wrenching at the same time. Although I am not a female, and I have never given birth, that is the analogy that comes to mind. Each article for me begins with a conception, a development, and finally a painful birth. While the parts of this process can be painful, the experience as a whole is overwhelmingly joyful.

The fact is, I am in love with Christ. The expression of this Christ seen through His bride has completely ruined me in a glorious way. I am captivated. I was born to love and serve this bride. I know this for a fact. The only reason I blog is because I am in love, and I’m not always sure what to do with this love. So, I write.

This blog has led to real, intimate relationships that have forever changed me, and this blog has led to some of the worst attacks against my character that I have ever had to endure to this date. It is truly bitter sweet. With that said, I am entering a brief season of pause concerning this blog.

Next week at this time, I’ll be on my way to Europe for the next couple of months. Yes, I am excited. While overseas, I do not plan to blog. When the two month trip is finished, I hope to resume blogging, but we’ll see what the Lord has in mind at that time. In the meantime, I hope you will take the next couple of months to examine this site and discover Christ in some of the older articles posted here. During this time, you are free to post comments as I will still be able to moderate them.

Next week, before my trip overseas, I will post one final blog. I hope you will tune in. If you are wondering why I am going overseas and you are interested in helping with some of the needs associated with this trip, please send me an email to: and mark ‘TRIP‘ in the subject line.

With His affection,

Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee

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6 responses to The Number 165 & My Blogging Future…

  1. craig Schlumbohm April 24, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    I don’t think that I have ever written on your blog but just wanted you to know that I read it quite frequently and have always enjoyed it. Look forward to the time you begin writing again. Godspeed to NC and then to Europe.

  2. Although I’m currently at 54 posts I relate to your passion, I refer to my blog as ‘my baby’, your posts help us better relate to Jesus Christ, and to ‘one another’.

    My heart will be with you as you trek the land of our brothers & sisters in Europe.

  3. Im from switzerland i would like to illumunate.

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