The Glory Of Being A Minority & A Warning

July 23, 2013

veiled womanOne of the things I greatly enjoyed during my time in Europe was seeing the culture from the vantage-point of a minority.  Culturally speaking, I was a minority in every way possible.  Although I enjoyed being a minority during my recent trip to Europe, there was a time in my life when I was not fond of being a minority.  Let me explain…

I have a mixed heritage.  Growing up with an Islamic father of Asian Indian decent from east Africa, and a mother from a small town in Ohio, I realized one thing.  My family was not like most of the families of the kids I went to school with, or that lived in my neighborhood.

I was in the minority, and I always hated that.

I eventually caught a small glimpse of Christ as a young adult and went off to college to receive training for the clerical ministry.  After several years of running in that hamster wheel, I discovered something.  Mainstream christendom was desperately trying to maintain or achieve majority status.  This seemed to run counter to everything in the fabric of my being.  Feeling like this taught me one thing…I was different.  Most of my colleagues in the professional ministry did not share my views.

I was in the minority, and I always hated that.  

Eventually, something glorious happened.  I caught a larger glimpse of Jesus Christ.  I began to realize that He is radically different than any human / religious system that I had experienced before.  He had no intention of being in the majority in a system that He desired to contrast.  Those who belonged to the systems of this world wore a mark, and those who belonged to His kingdom wore a contrasting mark.  The two ‘marks’ of these two kingdoms were meant to contrast one another.  Coming awake to this reality taught me one thing…

I was in the minority, and I was beginning to like that. 

Jesus Christ is very active in the institutional religious system, but not in the way that many suppose.  He is a rare minority in that system.  He works in that system to bring people out.

An exodus is occurring.

As you read this, know that He is actively working to bring the majority into the minority.  In His kingdom, the ‘minority’ are actually the majority.  With that said, we should be aware of something important.

Jesus Christ can easily be relegated to the minority in your life, or the group of believers you are connected to.  Sometimes it happens subtly, without the notice of the majority.  Other times, it happens because of an offense of some sort.  There can actually be a hostility to Christ among the very church that was birthed to express Him.

An Important Test

There is a powerful, yet gentle life dwelling within you.  This life within you is the life of Jesus Christ.  This life is quite different than the life of your flesh.  Unlike your flesh, this life loves unselfishly & passionately.  This life does not seek to gain the approval of others.  This life is constant, is not offendable, and does not hold grudges.  This life within you is quite sensitive, however.

Being tuned into Him is very important.  If you are listening to His life that is dwelling within, you will be aware of His comfort level.  When Jesus Christ has been relegated to the minority, the life within you will know it.  Although your natural flesh may feel quite content, His life within you will not feel at home.  He will not be free or welcomed to express Himself through you.  When He is expressed, He will stand out awkwardly.  Simply put, He will feel like a minority among the majority.

When Jesus Christ is at home within a group of people, however, He will be free to express Himself through you.  Offense, control, and manipulation will vanish.  Expressing Him will not be awkward.  Care for image will become irrelevant.  Communion around His life, not the flesh, will become the norm.

Jesus Christ will never be a majority in the world’s ‘houses’.  He will only be a majority in the house (community) that He builds.  Brothers and sisters, be warned.  Should He become a minority in the ‘house’ (community) that you are part of, the very cornerstone your house was built upon will eventually become your demolishing rock of offense. (1 Pet. 2:7-8)

For the majority in the minority,

Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee

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12 responses to The Glory Of Being A Minority & A Warning

  1. we can view our lives in the term of a house, and how we welcome or ignore the ‘guest’ to our home. this reflects who is the majority, and who is the minority. the story of Jesus being ‘invited’ to the Pharisee’s house reflects so much. it could be said that the Pharisee invited Jesus to his house for show, or for a motive less than love. Jesus was there but not truly ‘welcomed’.

    enter ‘the woman’ and those that thought of themselves as leaders, and important were offended by her ‘hospitality’, ‘the woman’ had no regard for stature, or public opinion. ‘the woman’ saw her Christ, and was moved to express her adoration.

    Jesus had some choice words about ‘the woman’

    “Do you see this woman? I came into your house. You did not give me any water for my feet, but she wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You did not give me a kiss, but this woman, from the time I entered, has not stopped kissing my feet. You did not put oil on my head, but she has poured perfume on my feet.”

    we must allow ourselves to ‘see’ just how welcome Jesus is ‘in’ our ‘house’

  2. Jim,

    Beautifully said, thx!

  3. The absolute beauty of His redeeming Love. He takes feelings, emotions, memories, things from our past that were meant to be stumbling blocks by the enemy & turns them into beautiful stepping stones! i love that about Him! Thanks for being so vulnerable, so real Jamal. And thanks for allowing me to tag along!

  4. David Breakeronenine Carothers July 24, 2013 at 2:29 am

    Thanks once again Jamal, the more I read your blogs and expressions of Christ you say things that speak to me….ie, not fitting in or not being welcomed to express Christ or better yet Jesus expressing Himself through me. I am seeing more and more the contrast between religious institution and the House that He is building. I am in prayer and always listening for Him to apply that in any direction He desires. I so enjoy folks who are all about Jesus in a real unashamed and living way. Glory to God.

  5. Beautiful brother. Good to have you back on your blog.

  6. This is an excellent. I love the multiple levels in it’s application. Even in the picture chosen, of a veiled woman, is a powerful image as to her quenched, ‘minority’ status in religion, but in Christ, she is one with Him, making her part of the majority.

    My new favorite post (until another ones comes out). 🙂

  7. I truly understand what you are saying about being a minority in a majority. As an African American, this goes without saying for me. But, thanks for pointing out the spiritual implications of this fact and just who we are in Christ.

    Although I didn’t get to speak with you personally at Interconnect, my heart was overwhelmed with the love of Christ Jesus in the body. I thank God for the members of this body who keep pointing us back to Christ.

  8. Great post, Jamal. I can relate to this 🙂

  9. Brother, how true your words ring…

    “Jesus Christ is very active in the institutional religious system, but not in the way that many suppose. He is a rare minority in that system.”

    Here’s to being the minority in the majority =] Thank you for these timely / encouraging words.

    • Nischelle,

      I am grateful that He has made you to be a minority among the majority. Thank you for receiving these words:)

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