Is There A Limit To This Medicine?

September 3, 2013

Everything good thing has its limit, right?  Too much of anything can be a bad thing, right?  That’s what we’re taught, and for the most part, I would agree.  Recently, however,  I have begun to rethink this mindset when it comes to something specific…


Are there limits to love?  Is it possible to love someone too much?  Christ gave us a new commandment to love one another in the exact SAME way that He loved us.  He enabled us to live out this new command when He awakened us to His own life and love on the inside of us.  That means we have the ability to love others with the EXACT same love.  The way He loved others is the way we will love others.  His love did not place demands on others.  His love did not evaluate and condemn.  His love was so intense that He violated every human social barrier that existed.

His love caused Him to be misunderstood.

His love caused Him to be viewed with suspicion.

His love caused Him to be maligned & interrogated.

His love was fearless.

His love caused Him to be killed.

His love had no limit.

Jesus never placed limits on His love.  If this was true of the love in Him two thousand years ago, it will also be true of His love in us today.  There is no difference or separation between the love that He carried, and the love that we carry .  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and don’t fear the consequences of His love.

My dear brothers and sisters, you have been set free to love without limit.  His love in us is fearless, and is the medicine that cures us.  Our new nature and identity is rooted in love.  When we act, speak, and move together by this indwelling love, nothing shall be impossible for us.  We will begin to function and express Christ the way we were always meant to function and express Christ.

Love will compel you to come out of paralysis and passivity.

Love will compel you to lose your self-awareness.

Love will compel you to speak to one another and say the things that love compels you to say for the purpose of edification.

Love will compel some of you to paint, create, and sing.

Love will compel some of you to write.

Love will compel some of you to travel.

Love will compel some of you to weep and pray.

Love will free you to engage others in intimate relationships.

Love will compel some of you to move to another city to be built with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Love will be the life saving medicine you no longer fear.

Brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid to let the love inside of you out in deeper relationships among each other.  We’ve all been love sick for far too long.  Thankfully, we have each other’s medicine living on the inside of us.  I’d like to leave you with this song by  Emeli Sande that powerfully communicates this reality.  Please take a few minutes to consider her words.

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25 responses to Is There A Limit To This Medicine?

  1. the beauty of Love, is The Beauty of Love

  2. Jamal,

    I do not have much say today. Though, I do want to make a statement about your powerful article: Your words made me cry.

    Love you, brother.

  3. “His love did not evaluate and condemn.”

    Not true. Because of His love for us and in accordance with obedience to His Father, He most assuredly does evaluate and condemn. He does these things because He said He would, and if He doesn’t follow through and maintain His integrity, He would then be a liar. And you and I both fully know that He is simply not, nor ever has been, a liar.

    When Jesus referred to the Pharisees as a brood of vipers and white-washed tombs, was it not His love that prompted Him to speak thusly? Most definitely it was. For the Pharisees to understand His Sonship, He needed to remove their arrogance and self-righteous piety first. Love, all the way.

    One thing I walk out is the reality of love, in that I cannot actually say, “Jamal, I love you!”, because you and I have not met face-to-face, nor have we emailed one another, nor have we spoken on the phone. True, true, we can say “I love you, man!”, but do we really? Can we? Shouldn’t we strive to love those within our spheres of influence, our local communities, and not try to reach out across miles to say we love people we have never met? Indeed, we are united by The Holy Spirit, for sure. I have no contempt nor hatred for you, Jamal. None at all. I don’t know you. But for me to say “I love you!” would be a bit disingenuous and kinda churchy-church of me, like paying an expected lip-service to the cliches of the American churches.

    Thanks for reading. I came here form a Facebook link from Nicole Cottrell. 🙂

    • Donald,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your comment. I only have a couple of things to share with you in light of your comment.

      1. Regarding your difficulity to love someone you have never met, I am sorry you have never had that experience…yet. That is truly unfortunate. I can’t say that I share your un-experience, however. I have discovered that Christ’s love in me is able to overcome spacial barriers. I deeply love many people I have never personally interacted with because it is His love in me that is familiar with them. Loving like this is not possible by our flesh, however.

      2. When I read the gospels, the only people that Jesus condemned were the people who were bent on proclaiming that God was a God of condemnation. But have no fear, when He was being nailed to the cross, He specifically prayed for their forgiveness. You know what? I think the Father answered His Son’s prayer because the Son perfectly expressed the Father’s heart of non-condemnation and forgiveness. The Father always gets His way:)

      • Jamal,

        Not a difficulty at all, sir. It is quite simple for me to love those I can actually interact with apart from loving those who feel I should love them because of Jesus, when there is distance between us and we have never ever met or prayed together or fellowshiped in person. For those I have not met, or who I see online, I have no hatred, as I said, for them. But I would be hard-pressed to say I had a “Jesus love” for them, either. Love is not a word I toss around casually or glibly or with lack of relevance.

        And why would I have fear that Jesus condemned certain actions of certain people, somehow making it all good by praying for their forgiveness at the end? Would you or I be able to challenge Jesus on this if He indeed chose to condemn anyone and didn’t have a back-door option? Shall you and I shake our fists at Heaven, denouncing Him for being so unjust?

        No worries. Thanks for the convo, Jamal. It has been enlightening.

        • Donald,

          Please, call me Jamal, (afterall, we’re family). Also, I wanted to share a story with you. It’s a story about a gushy, mushy, over the top love that I was awakened to for a man I have never even met yet personally. His name is Barack Obama. It’s an incredible story, but a bit long. Please read this when you get some time:) If you don’t love the story, you can have all your money back, I promise! Here is the link:

          • Great post bro! I drink deeply at the well of our Lord’s love, and so appreciate His love that flows through you. It is real, rich, encouraging, uplifting, and nourishing!

            And I can agree with you too Donald, in that I can see also His love in rebuke, evaluation, etc; bcs He uses them to humble, turn, refine, train, etc; all to bring us more deeply and fully into His love, and away from the things that are hindering our receiving it and walking in it.

            Hebrews 12:6 For whom the LORD loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.

            Chastening and scourging may not be the mushy-gushy side of love (which I enjoy WAY more), but is certainly real love from Love nonetheless.

            Wisdom says that “if we spare the rod then we hate our son, and he who loves him disciplines him promptly” (Prov 10:13). In other words, not chastening and scourging when it’s needed, is not only not-love…it’s hatred.

            Confession: Many years ago, but after becoming a Christian, I struggled with hatred towards my mom. I “knew” better than to act-out on it, but I also knew that it was there in my heart. I “tried” to love her, but this anger & hatred that I had for her hindered me to some degree. Finally, the Lord taught me from the above verse in proverbs that her “hands-off, liberal” parenting philosophy actually sowed hatred. She “thought” she was loving me with lots of emotional mushy-gushy love, but when I needed to be corrected from obvious foolishness (like getting blind drunk at age 15, and picking up women at bars, etc), she never said a word. This lack of correction when-needed was literally acts of hatred. Then when the Lord taught me through this verse, the hatred in my heart “made sense” to me, and through His revelation, I was able to forgive her and let it go. Now I’m loving her much more “cleanly”, and enjoying every minute of it.

            • Trevor, I would like address what you express in your comment by adding a turn toward a bit of a different view, perhaps.

              RE: “Hebrews 12:6 For whom the LORD loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.”

              I find the ancient root meanings of the ancient Hebrew language to be like a fun word puzzle. It’s a real hoot!

              HEBREWS LETTER, SENTENCE 12:5 “and you have forgotten the exhortation which He addresses to you as sons” As we see in the Greek Writings, the quotes from the old Hebraic Writings are usually set in all caps in the versions of these Writings today, and as is also such in the case of the quote you mention in your comment. And further, the Greek clearly states that the quote is “the exhortation” that “He addresses,” meaning that this is, indeed, a quote from the old Writings of the Hebrew people. So, we must look to the very ancient Hebrew language as we take a read. We find this quote in the Writings of Solomon, Proverbs Sentences 3:11-12. I think, the following should be a pretty good layout of what we have here. I am going to put Solomon’s words first, then the words of the Hebrews (Greek) Letter. Using the old Hebraic quote “ Proverbs 3:11-12” & the letter’s quoted part “Hebrews 12:5-6.”

              Prov: My son, do not reject [the] *discipline [of] the Lord.”
              Prov: *Discipline is the word musar : Origin of the word musar is *yasar.* The old Hebraic meaning of the word yasar has a reality or actual root meaning of “to TURN the head” OR “to TURN to another DIRECTION.” So, we have in the understanding of the root word: “My son, do not reject TO TURN TO the Lord” or “TO TURN TOWARD the Lord.” As an Example: Proverbs, Sentence 29:17
              “Correct/Discipline [yas·sêr, yasar root] your son . . . He will give delight to your soul.” “TURN TO your son . . . He will give delight to your soul.” [kat]

              Prov: Or loathe his reproof
              Prov: For whom the lord loves he reproves
              “Reproof” is the word ‘towkechah.’ A Feminine noun from its root, “yakach,” which means to decide, adjudge, prove; meaning: to hold, determine, consider, think, reckon, perceive and/or believe.

              Prov: Even as a father the son in whom he delights.
              Oh, what have we here? A partial sentence that is a real mystery. Suddenly, the quote morphs into different words altogether. There are two ways this can go as far as I can tell. One, we use the root word that commonly used to discern what this Hebraic word means in its concreted form. This word’s root being, shanan, and its actual meaning is “to make pointed (or) to sharpen.” Such as in the Deuteronomy, “When I sharpen my flashing sword and my hand grasps it.” Not quite the same is it, one cannot ‘scourge’ a sword. To make sharpen or make pointed can also be a word for discerning, as a careful sharpening process must be done with great care. Two, the word for “scourges” is likely an error in the original translation, which no doubt could go back to the scribes who translated the first. I say this because I doubt the person who wrote the letter misquoted Solomon, given the grand revelation of Jesus Christ in this letter to the Hebrews. And, the most obvious is that a misquote would be enough to discredit the author to the Hebrews.

              RE: “Wisdom says that “if we spare the rod, then we hate our son, and he who loves him *disciplines him promptly” (Prov 10:13).”

              More of a literal rending of this statement is: Prov 10:13 “Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning. A staff is for the back of him who lacks understanding.” These words speak of discernment,understanding and Wisdom. If in lack of Wisdom then this expression speaks of a shepherd’s staff which implies what a shepherd uses his staff for, to move the sheep in or toward a desired direction. Those without direction, without understanding, needs guidance. I considered it to be a far stretch to suggest that there is any possible implication of beating a person with a wooden rod, or a severe punishment. This entire expression may just bring to our minds the coming Great Shepherd.

              “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.”

              • Hi Kat!,
                Thanks for taking me to bible-school! But I have to confess that I’m not quite getting the point that you’re making from these definitions, or the “diff view”.

                The point that I was making is that our Lord’s love does not always flow to us in the “positive/affirmative/build-up” mode, but sometimes His love flows to us in the “negative/corrective/tear-down” mode; but that both are His love, and both are His working to help us come more fully into His love.

                • Trevor, I know nothing about whatever bible school is; I was addressing your Hebrew quotes concering your comment on the negative or discipline view. Love does not tear down, but edifies and builds up. The discipline you speak of is literally turning to Him, His Spirit in us renews and is Life. We reckon our death already, now Christ is our Life, in Love.

                  • Hi Kat,
                    I definately see what you’re saying about love building up, and agree that the Lord works this way; and LOVE IT when He does. But I don’t understand why you don’t see the corrective acts of God as love.

                    To me, there are just too many examples of “negative discipline” in my own relationship with the Lord (living, real, testimonies); plus from the word, to just “say it isn’t so”. Love has used pits, prisons, captivities, wildernesses, enslavements, rods, rebukes (“get behind me satan”), etc to lead His people; and His leadership is always unto a deeper love relationship with Him. And since He is love, and everything He does is in love, then it IS love when negative discipline is used.

                    Job 2:10 But he said to her, “You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?” In all this Job did not sin with his lips.

                    Jamal – I apologize for participating in the hijacking of your post. Perhaps someone needed to hear this, or perhaps I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut. You’re a patient man.

    • wholly disagree with you, Donald.
      you say, “I love you”- because you have chosen to love a person and then express that love to them… it had so little to with meeting them face to face.

  4. A couple of wks. ago I was @ the local nursing home assuring this sweet woman that her sons loved her & that yes, her grandchildren would come back & visit her. She was physically shaking & I wasn’t going to stop until she received His peace in the matter. I was holding her hand & brushing the hair from her face. She was just about calmed down when a male nurse whom I had previously talked to in passing told me that I was to stay ‘an arms length’ from the residents. I told him that wasn’t the case, that I was permitted to brush their hair, use ‘touch therapy & rub their arms as I saw fit. He hatefully replied that he would see what the DOM (guy in charge) had to say about that. I haven’t been back since. Jamal, your article has made me realize I’m not to give into the fears of others. I’m going back there to love on those people who so desperately need it! Again, perfect timing! May we each rise up & take our place of Loving Like God! Great song as well.

    • Amen Shelby, you are a warrior. Never back down from love. Thx for sharing this personal story of how fear attempted to quench your love, yet was utterly defeated:)

  5. Love has no self awareness … been dwelling heavily upon that for a few months. What a beautiful thing that love only considers the other. Its not that Christ pushes away thoughts of Himself … He simply only thinks of the Father. What a glorious reality we get to live out!

  6. Jamal,  

    I have a little bit to say now. My thought inside your words is that Love perfects, Love heals, the Love who is in the Body of Christ. We in Christ are perfected IN LOVE by LOVE. The First Love is Perfect Love, is whole Love, is complete Love. The  Power that we possess is this Love who can stand in the Light, pure and clear as crystal. We are Fire-walkers, and it is the Breath of Love who blows away the ashes, and Breathes Life. Love’s ultimate Intimacy and ever-stunning Beauty in and through one another far surpasses the summits of our minds. Love’s birthing Spirit is the Power, Life and Source in the Body of Christ. The First Love loves us through us.

    That’s all that came to me from your words. Thanks brother.    

  7. Jamal, I do love you. Immensely. And all of Christ that oozes out of you with every word, post, and encouragement you bless me and the world with, my brother. Now, I can’t say I haven’t spoken with you over the phone, but even before that moment that was a long time coming (maybe even an eternity coming), I can say truly, I loved you then. I love you now. And that love only grows.

    This is a powerful post and conversation.

    Thank you, thank you brother. You are precious to me and the body!

    • Jonathan,

      Wow brother, your comment is tremendously encouraging. Thank you for sharing your heart. I love you too. Very much so! I am grateful for how He is connecting us, and I am super excited to walk this journey out with you guys:)

  8. Thankyou for sharing this Jamal. It reminds me of last week I was driving Andre back to his dorm at cfni after hosting him and his friend from pakistan for dessert. He looked at me and asked “is it okay for me to say ‘I love you’ in not a bad or sexual way?” I told him of course it was!

    To me this simple question is so beautiful! In his culture, men are “strong”. They do not express their feeling or heart. And within their culture, for a man to be seen talking or beimg friends with a female could very likely be considered scandalous. But the Love of Christ compels and transforms. He wanted to be friends and share love. Pure love of Christ. To see this love transformation before my very eyes and in my own friendships is breathtaking and exhilarating!

    • Nischelle,

      Sister, the story you shared here is incredibly important. Thank you! I can actually hear Andre saying this, and it is truly precious.

      I am very thankful that His love is bringing this transformation before your eyes, and within your own friendships. What a gift we are all receiving!

  9. when Jesus said ” Just as I have loved you, so you too should love one another.” we can assume we understand this, and we do. if the love you give as any level, conditions, or expectations I would kindly ask of you to ponder is this really love?

    this Jesus Love is free from having a level, condition, or expectation. Jesus (aka Love) expresses pure, true, and passionate Love to us. we can only Love like Him through Him. it’s via His indwelling presence that He is able to express His Love to you, and for others…all others.

    the ‘Loving like God’ is our calling, and Love is deeply desirous to express and impress you with this Love. this is the future of all mankind, and Love will show you His ‘way’.

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