My Love Does Not Give A Damn…

September 17, 2013

Forgive me for the use of profanity in this post. I must say, however, that I am not the first one to use profanity in a public forum. The 1939 film Gone with the Wind starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh violated a significant social barrier with the use of the word damn in a major motion picture. In 2005, this line was voted the number one movie line of all time by the American Film Institute:

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The more that I think about the nature of Christ’s indwelling love, the more I realize that this love also doesn’t give a damn.  Let me explain.

Who Do We Think We Are?

I can always tell when I am looking at another person through the lens of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.  Whenever this occurs, I usually end up scruitinizing this person and becoming cold toward them.  This is the result of the inevitable judgement that occurs when I view others through this old grid.

This constant and subtle judgement works against us too, however.  If we walk in a constant state of judgement against others, we will also (correctly or incorrectly) project that very mindset back toward ourselves as well.  Subconsciously, we will fear being the reciepient of the same kind of opinions and judgement from others that we normally dish out. This leads to keeping most people at a safe distance.  Those who walk in this bondage usually have trouble maintaining deep & loving relationships no matter how much they may desire them.

It is only when we no longer fear the opinion & judgement of others that we can truly love them.  Love compells us to not give a damn.  This love compelled Paul the apostle.  Of all the things he said in his letters to the church communities, this is one of my favorite lines:

But to me it is a very small thing that I may be examined by you, or by any human court; in fact, I do not even examine myself. (1Cor. 4:3, NASB)

It sounds to me like the love of Christ dwelling in Paul keeps him from giving a damn.  What keeps you from being over the top in your expression of love to your brothers and sisters?

Giving a damn.

What keeps you from being vulnerable with another brother or sister in Christ?

Giving a damn.

What keeps you from calling, texting, emailing, writing, or visiting someone whom you haven’t talked to in a while who has been on your heart?

Giving a damn.

What keeps you from saying and expressing I love you to a person who might misunderstand your intentions?

Giving a damn.

What keeps you silent in a church meeting even though you know the Lord has given you something to express?

Giving a damn.

What keeps you from sharing a revelation of Jesus Christ that you know will be misunderstood?

Giving a damn.

Brothers and sisters, I am happy to tell you that we are free to no longer give a damn!


Jamal Jivanjee


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Jamal Jivanjee

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29 responses to My Love Does Not Give A Damn…

  1. Jamal,

    I don’t give a damn:)

  2. If God is for us (and He clearly is) we have nothing to fear. Nothing to be reserved about as we express His Love. Love bled, Love was vulnerable, Love did not give a damm how Love was perceived. Love loved all regardless of how He was received, or understood.

    Love has not only given us the command to Love one another as He Loves us. Love provides each of us the ‘Way’ to Love, and this is ‘in’ and through His in dwelling presence.

    I walk along your side my dear brother each step we are one ‘in’ Love.

  3. I don’t give a d*mn either. 😉 thanks Jamal!

  4. This morning I woke convicted of pride. That ‘thinking twice’ about myself. It’s tricky! It shows itself in two forms. One is self-exaltation. The other is self-pity. What I sensed from the Holy Spirit was that pride clots, or blocks the flow of love through our spiritual veins. It prevents the love of God from flowing to us, and flowing out and through us to the other members of the body.

    Then I read this post! Yes! There is a new way to understand the word ‘damn’. His Love – our love – does not dam up the flow of love. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this.

  5. I like this. A lot. Glad you shared this.

    And I almost didn’t make that simple comment because I thought, “Well, he barely knows me. It’s too soon to comment on his blog!” I realized I was giving a damn.

  6. Jamal, At first I didn’t relate at all to using the word, “damn” and thought you could certainly use another word in it’s place, however, after listening to the famous line in “Gone with the Wind”, and putting my thoughts together with all you were saying, I am not sure that any other word would have said it just right. To me you are saying that if we don’t allow others to judge us by , “not giving a damn”, then we won’t be judging others and Love will have full power over us. I looked up the scripture in 1 Cor. 4:3 and read from verses 1-5. So even though I began to judge the use of this word, “damn” it is certainly effective in helping us to see that what matters is the love of God expressed to others through us regardless of the attacks they have made against us personally, because not judging them for this frees us to love them and we will not receive judgement in return. This frees us to heal others. Sooo, I have been set free from judging you Jamal, for using the word “damn”, and the love of God compels me to share my thoughts with everyone reading this blog because I don’t give a damn. Wow, didn’t think I would end with this. I am laughing at myself right now, can you tell? 🙂

  7. Shelby Shock-Marsh September 17, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    This post rings true for me. I’m being held back by what i think others might think. Jesus set me free. I dont want anyone including myself to imprison me. Ever. Again. Have i ever mentioned how perfect your timing is?? :o) Love you, Jamal & thank you

  8. I finished writing this poem a few minutes before reading your post, and thought it would be good as my comment.

    Live In His Birth

    Jesus Christ isn’t a distant lamp of hope
    That can’t be touched like a shooting star.
    He is here now in these vessels He made
    To be His light to others; that’s who we are.

    But often we’re blinded by things of the earth
    That cause us to forget our gifted new sight.
    Be still and remember salvation’s birthed journey
    Contained within us is Christ’s glorious light.

    Don’t allow it to be dimmed by conflicts of thought
    When what we’re each called to is of eternal worth.
    Seek that for each other as we take each new step
    With our eyes on our Lord let us live in His birth.

    Look into each heart and see Christ’s revealing
    Himself through each portion to increase your seeing.
    Then realize the value of those he has gathered
    The revealing of Christ within each one’s being.

    Allow love and acceptance and reach out your hand
    To help others as they sometimes stumble.
    And when it is yourself who falls out of step
    Let their hand held out make you humble.

    We are babies and children as we again learn to walk
    In this new way of loving and meeting.
    So remember our Lord, with the forgiveness he gave
    And let light be the star of your greeting.

    Bonnie Rosser 9/17/2013

  9. oh boy–what a sweet post–I know there would be a lot of good bible believing folks who would criticize you for it–but frankly I don’t give a dam–thanks

  10. Jamal, I give a big damn about you’re not giving a damn, bcs it blesses me so damn much.

  11. Hey Jamal, remember I said you brought something from Redlands?
    A busted givadamn

  12. Great blog Jamal!

  13. Good post, Camel!

    Shameless love that doesn’t hold back!

    Dive in

  14. Wow ! Not only a great post but great responses I want o respond to each one but just have to say each of you has encouraged me! THNX !
    PS: at first I thought you were talking about me again but decided that I wouldn’t get offended and then realized i don’t even get offended as well as not giving a %@#* :-O I don’t know if I am growing or going backwards here. 😀
    Serioslly who wrote about the unoffended reccently I want to reread it now.

    Luv Ya much Jamal and hope to see you soon!

  15. Hi Jamal

    Great post brother, freedom is the fruit of Christ’s spirit, freedom from fear!

    Love to you brother

  16. This is so good! I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah the other day, and he was talking about the Scripture about “greeting one another with a holy kiss”. Immediately I thought to myself, “I still kiss people (gals!) on the cheek sometimes when we greet each other (cuz God’s love oozes out of me and I come from an affectionate family), geesh!! I thought he was going to say we shouldn’t do that these days…..but, he went on to say, it’s okay to still do that today!! And I rejoiced!!

  17. I’ve always been a “I don’t give a rat’s ass” guy, but I could run with this…

  18. David Breakeronenine Carothers September 23, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    Love it, I shall continue to not give a damn………..only blessings.

  19. This definitely is a novel way to look at love, Jamal. A lot of food for thought. My whole life has been about giving a damn, and some other words too. Hmmm. This is a wake-up call that I plan to heed.

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