The Day I Saw Your Heart

September 25, 2013

Those who know me know that I love movies; specifically, French movies.  I recently watched a French film that deeply touched my heart.  From time to time, I have done film reviews on this blog, and in today’s post, I’d like to tell you about another film that I believe could be quite impactful regarding the reoccurring issue that YOU have been struggling with.  Trust me when I say that.

The Day I Saw Your Heart

Although this is a French comedy (directed by Jennifer Devoldere), it actually deals with something that hits close to home, and is quite serious for many of us.  This film delves into the dynamics of a family with a narcissistic father, a stepmother, and two adult daughters.  The film follows the life of one of the daughters who is stuck in a pattern of failed relationships and unsuccessful careers.  Never did she realize that her life would change the day she saw her father’s heart both literally and figuratively.  The ending of the film moved me to tears.  This is a film that I’ll certainly never forget.

The Root of Offense & Interpersonal Conflicts… 

The essence of life in the New Covenant is learning to view ourselves and one another through the lens of our new nature in Christ, and not our old nature rooted in the flesh (2 Cor. 5:17).  If there is one thing I have learned over the last few years, it’s the fact that most problems, offenses, interpersonal conflicts, and misunderstandings come from our inability to see the true heart of another.  Many times, this problem can be rooted back to our own fathers.

As the scriptures say, Christ turns the hearts of the children back to their fathers, and the hearts of fathers back to their children.  When Jesus Christ is revealed to us by the Spirit, the heart and love of the heavenly Father is also revealed to us because Christ is the visible expression of the Father’s invisible life & love.  When we get a glimpse of our true Father’s heart, all of our interactions and relationships with people change.  This film is a breathtaking image of that.

Don’t let the fact that this film is in French stop you from watching it.  There are subtitles in English. This film can be found streaming online through Netflix, and can also be viewed directly there. Be aware that this film is a typical European film with some sexual content and course language.  If you are sensitive to that sort of thing, you may not want to view this.  Nevertheless, I believe this film will be a tremendous blessing to you if viewed through the right grid.  Be sure to watch this movie through to the end, even if you are tempted to turn it off half way through.  After you watch this film, feel free to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.  Take a couple of minutes to view the trailer:

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Enjoy your healing,

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8 responses to The Day I Saw Your Heart

  1. I know you, and I Love you, and my desire is to know you more, and to Love you more, this is Kingdom Life

  2. Ooooo will have to add to my list of french movies…..

  3. I did not watch the film but I did watch the film trailer and I read your article–there is no doubt of the importance for us to experience the agape love of our god for us–I was raised without the love of an earthly father and now I have children from my marriage that ended in divorce who I do not have relations with because they are bitter against me for the divorce–believe me when I say gods unconditional love for me is important to experience–I live every day for it,

    • Thank you for sharing a bit of your story here with us Kenneth. I appreciate your openness. When you view the film, I’d love to hear how the Lord speaks to your heart.

  4. Brother this movie has touched the very core of my heart. When we view our brothers and sisters with old eyes and a list a mile long of expectations; we will never see their heart. This is exactly what the character Ju did in the movie.

    She couldn’t see her fathers love and true heart because of her expectations of what love was supposed to be. Equally the father was having relationships vicariously through all of her ex boyfriends….instead of letting his love be seen and poured out to his daughter. It is fear that keeps us from knowing and seeing the heart. Love is risk…it will cost you everything! Jesus was wooing me with one of the songs in the film called suddenly. I think this song perfectly sums up the movie. Let us love without boundaries and risk everything to know and be known. The greater reality is we have nothing to lose but the chance to know each other deeply with unveiled faces.

    <3 Jess

    Everything you do, everything you don't
    Everything you left behind to find me
    Is finding me alone

    And everything you give, everything you take
    Everything I thought I knew about you
    Made me realize my mistake

    So why you gotta wait
    For what you gotta say
    Hours in the day and you let me get away

    I can see the fuze, the flame
    The Philomena that's burning always, always
    But if we focus on the false
    We find we're focused on the facts that keep us running
    And we're running out of time

    So why you gotta wait
    For what you gotta say
    Hours in the day and you let me get away

    And suddenly what we've become is suddenly done
    It's only me and suddenly
    I miss everyone

    So why you gotta wait
    For what you gotta say
    Hours in a day
    I was here today
    And you let me get away

  5. Jamal, the movie is a sterling example of the pursuit of our Father, the undying faithfulness, and the ‘Love letters’ left behind to remind us. Maybe the x-ray scene when Ru first saw her fathers heart, and yet didn’t recognize his love till later is one of the most compelling.

    Beautifully expressive film, and thank you so much

  6. Jamal,

    The saddest thing in this movie is that though her father loved her, her opposition to him made him unable to express his love directly to her. And because of this, she didn’t see his love until after he was gone. The other thing she couldn’t see until then, was her love for him. Everything little thing got in the way of love, and this is all too common in real life. They both loved each other, but this love was never expressed between them. The ending was so sad, sad for all the abundant love that was not known and lived in them. We let things get in the way of Love, just stuff that has no meaning, things that never were important, and then, one day we realize we missed out on living the expression of Love.

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