An Easily Misunderstood Talk That I Recently Gave

October 11, 2013

On August 17, 2013, I had the opportunity to give a talk at a Searching Together conference, (an annual conference put on by Jon Zens).  At this year’s conference, I shared something that was quite sensitive for me personally.  At the beginning of the talk, I said that I didn’t want the talk to be shared publicly because it could be easily misunderstood.  In today’s post, I’d like to share this talk with you.  

Loving Like God

Loving like God was the title of the talk that I gave.  Honestly, I never planned to share this talk here on the blog.  Deviating from the plans that I have set is the story of my life however.  Loving like God is not for the faint of heart.  Loving like God will bring misunderstanding.  Loving like God will get you killed.  Loving like God is a privilege, however.  In my talk, I share a very vulnerable and personal story about how this love has affected my life.  I would like to share this talk with you.  

A dear sister in Christ has recently started a blog.  She was at the conference and she posted the talk on her blog.  Just so you know, I am not a professional speaker.  If you’re looking for a good speech, you’ll be disappointed.  

Because I am not a professional speaker, I didn’t always speak into the mic that was set up for me.  As a matter of fact, I walk away from the mic a lot.  From a sound perspective, this is not an easy talk to listen to.  You have to really concentrate to hear what I’m saying.  If you try to listen to this talk and do other things, you’ll miss it completely.  

In addition to the poor sound quality (because I continually walk away from the mic), the actual talk is about an hour long with an additional thirty minutes of Q/A .  That is WAY beyond the ability of most of our attention spans or schedules.  Because of these two reasons alone, most people reading this will not listen to this whole talk.  If you are one of the few who do make it through to the end, however, there is probably a good reason why.  It is for you that I share this very vulnerable and easily misunderstood story.  

Here are some of the main points that I share in the message:

1. Admitting Your Thirst.

2. Abstaining from evil. (not in the twisted religious way you are familiar with)

3. Avoiding the knowledge tree.

4. Being confident in our indwelling love.

5. Being unoffendable.

6. Embracing hopeful despair.

I will conclude this post by providing you a link to the blog where my talk is posted.  Although that blog recently began, there are already some beautiful riches posted there.  Click HERE to access the talk. 

Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee

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10 responses to An Easily Misunderstood Talk That I Recently Gave

  1. David Breakeronenine Carothers October 11, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Sure I’ll be the first…………I’m sitting in a very noising spot, engines running, men working……I’m not even going to try and tune in, but I will wait till I’m in a very quiet spot……then I will listen intently.

  2. my brother, I Love your heart, I know your heart, and you are true treasure, I walk along your side, and treasure the Treasure that is express ‘in’ and through you. off to listen to your beautiful ‘Love Story’ once again.

  3. Gold!

    Such a thing to give away! Yet sharing it openly could never cheapen it at all.

    This brings to mind a line from a Josh Garrels song called “White Owl.”

    “Like a serpent and a dove, you will have wisdom born of love and carry visions from above into the places no man dares to follow.”

    Yep. 🙂

  4. Dear Jamal,
    Thank you for the kind words, and I really, really hope that none of the readers here give up listening all the way through this message. Like wine, not only does it get better through the talk, but it’s become even better with time. 🙂

    • P.S. There is now a better sounding version of your audio on the blog. Kat Huff did a little tweaking to the original and I think it sounds a lot more clear!

  5. oh yea a thing of beauty–thanks

  6. I found it to be one of the best presentations that I have heard in a long time.
    Just as some have misunderstood some of your clearly written blogs there are always some that not only get it when you write or speak new or different teachings but they must be said to break false paradigms and show Gods many faceted love.
    Keep it up ! Much love! 😀

  7. Loving with God’s Love in us is a giving and receiving, there cannot be just one or the other, but both in and through the one anothers. To love as Christ Jesus requires all the Spirit of Christ in us, these expressions of Christ are enduring patience, long suffering, depth in kindness, confidence in His leading, self-control that means listening to His voice, unoffendable, gentleness of heart, unreserved, laborious work, purity in kindness, remaining in His peace, His faithfulness and the Power of knowing genuine Love Himself, Christ in us who is our Hope and Life. He walks through all the walls that man has built, then and now. There must thirst, as Jesus said, “I thirst!” And the Spirit of Christ in us became our waters that we drink. The Spirit in us, the body of Christ, us, is our heavenly waters to drink and our heavenly bread to eat. We are born of Heaven, giving and receiving just as the way we breathe, in and out:)

  8. Good message brother. Very tough. I’ve often felt the beginnings of this kind of despair and longing for people and totally suppressed it. Guess its time to start embracing and cultivating. I know that’s gonna suck. kind of scary. but exciting to think about.

    Good to finally hear your voice brother.

  9. Jamal,

    Thank you for sharing this. Took the Saturday rest time to listen intently and will again before the weekend is up. Thank you.

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