The Top 25 Most Read Posts of 2013 (did your favorite make it?)

December 30, 2013
The Top 25

The Top 25

As we approach the end of 2013, I wanted to draw your attention to the twenty five most read posts on the illuminate blog this year. It has been an eventful year here, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of the articles that seemed to resonate with our readers the most. I was not surprised that some of these articles made the top twenty five, but I was legitimately surprised to discover that the most read article of 2013 was actually posted in 2011! As a matter of fact, there are a few older posts that have continued to draw steady attention. You will see some of these older posts in this list.

Take a few minutes and browse through this year’s compilation of the top twenty five most read posts. If an article from this blog comes to mind that is not included here on this list, or if you’ve read an article this past year from a different blog that you’d like to draw attention to, please feel free to share the title and link in the comment section below.

1. Is ‘Radical’ really radical? (why David Platt is the new Francis Chan) – my book review here

2. The Shadow of Sex & Marriage, The Future of My Marriage, & A New Reality

3. Church Member Mentioned In David Platt’s Book ‘Radical’ Responds To My Review Of ‘Radical’

4. Why Was Louie Giglio Invited To The Inauguration Anyway?

5. For God’s Sake, & Your Own Health, Stop Sleeping With Her! (a 2013 New Year Resolution)

6. Why The New Covenant Is A Sexual Revolution…(a review of Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions by Dan Brennan)

7. A Historic Blog Interview! (after two years of manipulation, my wife makes a rare appearance on the blog!)

8. Cross Sex Friendships & The New Covenant…An Interview With Author Dan Brennan

9. Jesus Loves Me, This I Know, But NOT Because The Bible Tells Me So…

10. Are You Infected With This Contagious Disease?

11. Beware of These ‘Organic Church’ Temptations…

12. Do You Know Why I’m Being Silent With You?

13. Partager la vie…(and a broken promise)

14. A Man’s Love…(The story of the greatest miracle I’ve witnessed)

15. The ‘Resolutions’ of a Perfect Love- An Interview With Brady Toops

16. Are You Co-dependent, Independent, or INTER-dependent?

17. Gun Control & The Myth Of Falling In Love

18. A Day In The Other Tree…(today’s life altering experiment)

19. Because of My Love, I Hate You.

20. Does Familiarity Breed Contempt or Adoration?

21. Are You Hot or Cold? How Do You Know?

22. Is There A Limit To This Medicine?

23. Why Drugs Wear Off (worship conferences & the tree of knowledge)

24. The Beauty Of Quenching The Spirit & A Song By Adele

25. Missional Confusion & The Amway Gospel…an assessment of a movement

Happy New Year!

Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee

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8 responses to The Top 25 Most Read Posts of 2013 (did your favorite make it?)

  1. Jamal!

    Your blog continues to be one of my favorites! In addition to the list you have here (plenty of which have spoken to me) the other two I really enjoyed, because they pierced my heart, are:

    Why I Love Barack Hussein Obama (an open letter to the saints in America)

    & My Love Does Not Give A Damn…

    Thank you for your transparency, heart and edification. Your reflection of Jesus’ love is contagious! Much love to you, Brother!


    • Eddie,

      Thank you very much for your kind words, for these articles, and for your faithful readership. It means a lot brother!

  2. out of all your posts it would be hard to pick out just one as the favorite-so I just read through a bunch of them and I liked all of them–im looking forward to more for two thousand and fourteen

  3. Jamal,

    I still remember reading your New Year’s resolution post at the beginning of this year. You posted it about one week after God led me to leave behind the institutional church for good. I had known about, and even tried an organic expression of church in my life before, but it had gone away, and I had went back to church the way it was because it was all I could find. Finally, I had seen enough to just say, “I’m done even if I don’t know what else I can do.” I just knew that wasn’t what church was supposed to be. Luckily, I was led to others who felt the same way within months and could not be more joyous about it. After leaving the institution I saw this post and it just felt like such confirmation from the Spirit that it was the right move. Thanks for sharing, even if I don’t always agree with everything, it’s always useful. Hope you have a great 2014 brother.

    • Alan,

      I’m so glad to hear this. I love how the Lord confirms His direction in our lives. The fact that He used this blog in your life is gold to me! Blessings to you in 2014 as well.

  4. Nicole Cottrell January 1, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    I’m so thankful for your blog. Your writing has so often encouraged, equipped, admonished, or convicted me. So often I have shared your words with my church family, only to see them built up, as well.

    I have to admit there are a few posts on this list that I have yet to read, but I plan to. Thank you for your contribution to the Kingdom. May 2014 be an even greater outpouring of Jesus’ grace, love, and truth in and through you, friend.

    • Nicole,

      Your comment humbles me sister. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but you have actually shaped this blog through your own writing. Your freedom, expressed through your writing, has helped unlock a new level of freedom in me and the things expressed here on this blog. Thank you! Maybe I’ll make it out to your part of the country sometime in 2014:)

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