20 Things That Drive Me Insane! (on the inside of course)

January 15, 2014

Some of the things that I post on this blog can be quite heavy.  In today’s post, however,  I’d like to take a bit of a break from that trend.  In 2014, I’d also like to share a few more personal things about me so you can get to know a bit more about this blogger.  Today’s post is along these lines.

In 1993, Michael Douglas starred in a film titled ‘Falling Down’.  This film was comical in a tragic sort of way.  Without getting into all the details of this film, I’ll give you a brief summary.  The character played by Michael Douglas was having an extraordinarily bad day.  We all have ‘bad’ days from time to time.  During these kinds of days, the little irritations that we would normally be able to overlook become triggers that drive us over the edge, so to speak.

In the film ‘Falling Down’, Michael Douglas had a bad day filled with these kinds of ‘triggers’.  Here is a comical scene from the movie that illustrates a fairly common experience that most people have at fast food restaurants.  This is one situation, among many that day, that sent him over the edge.  Take a minute to watch this: (if you are reading this by email, you will need to view this clip on the blog itself)

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In a similar way, there are a list of things that also tempt to send me over the edge, so to speak.  For the sake of disclosure & being known, I wanted to let you in on a list of things that drive me INSANE on the inside!

Granted, some of the things included on this list are simply things that bother me personally, and other things on this list are things that bother the Lord Himself.  I’ll let you decide which is which;)  Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Barbecue food establishments.

2. www.Christianmingle.com

3. Systematic, Reformed, and Evangelical Theology.

4. Peanuts & cashews as an ice-cream topping.


6. People who substitute group communication for personal communication.
(Talking with your spouse & close friends on social media & group email chains…Why can’t you just talk, call, or text them personally?)

7. Those who use fear to accomplish their aims.

8. Those who use gossip as conversation filler.

9. Those who spread damaging information about fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to others in the name of ‘concern’, ‘seeking counsel’, and ‘being real’.

10. The state of Michigan.

11. Cats.

12. Rich snobs.

13. Groups of people & churches that overlook, or are ignorant of, the needs of their own. (especially the needs of the single sisters in Christ)

14. People who make negative assumptions about others and call it ‘discernment’.

15. The financial & leadership development culture.

16. Cutting grass and most yard work.

17. Baseball & golf.

18. non-communication.

19. Fast food.

20. Empty words & plastic smiles.


What about you?  What would your list be?


Jamal Jivanjee

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52 responses to 20 Things That Drive Me Insane! (on the inside of course)

  1. Yep , one of mine would also be CATS ! They keep coming into my life and am starting to think it is a test !! 🙂

    • Ha ha, you must be good at taking and passing a lot of tests:)

      My wife just recently got a cat. My relationship with cats have always been a bit complicated;)

  2. What did BBQ ever do to you?? 😉

    • Bri,

      There is actually a BBQ place here in Nashville that has a great atmosphere. I have went there to meet with others. I just really despise that genre of food for some reason.

  3. The Lord might be trying to reduce that list … Haha 😉

  4. Dang bro. I was with you for most of the list, and then you slayed my soul with no baseball or golf.

    Sorry, we can’t have fellowship anymore. 😉

    • The fact that I was never good at those sports could be one reason why I don’t like them. For me, watching baseball and golf is right up there with watching nascar, or watching paint dry.

  5. Your crazy. #1 and #4 are delish. #11 deeply offends me cause cats are amazing. And by purposely doing #6, does that make you angry… 🙂

  6. Retirement is a whole different ballgame. Things your spouse has always done are now in your face up close and personal. Irritation sets in and you try to ignore it but it doesn’t go away because your spouse has always been that way, but now your with him everyday and just when you think you can set into the golden years you still have to adjust your life, again, for your spouse and you to move in sync with the Spirit. One of these irritating things he says to me after coming from the bathroom is, “did everything come out OK?” , and he waits until I respond. When did he begin to say this? Got to admit that he always did that but life with kids and work, I didn’t even notice it. So just when you think you know your spouse, beware, he turns into another person in retirement. I know he will say this about me also cause it is a two way street don’t ya know. Just thought I would take this opportunity Jamal gave us to warn the ones who are getting close to the “golden years”. Secret is to let the adjustment happen and enjoy the journey. It took a few years to learn this, so I am letting you know about it now. I am smiling as I am sharing this and laughing at the same time. 🙂

  7. I’m totally down with ya on #2 (what’s even worse is farmersonly.com), #5 (self explanatory) and #7 (though I would change “fear” to “manipulation”–like passing an offering plate uses manipulation to achieve a goal of mo’ money into the building fund/pastors pocket).

    I would suggest professional help for #1.

    • Ha ha. Regarding #1, I’ve lived in the South for the last several years now. Folks in this region are considered professional when it comes to BBQ. They have failed to convert me, however;)

  8. 1. 2 Broke Girls.
    2. People who tell others they don’t have “a teachable spirit,” just because they refuse to change their mind and agree with them.
    3. Card Games.
    4. How much money I spent on seminary.
    5. When people use multiple punctuations to exaggerate their emotion.

    Your #10 is funny – The Ohio State University!!!!!

    • Thx for sharing your list. Also, I’m happy that you put ‘The’ in front of Ohio, and ‘State’ after Ohio. Many folks from Michigan like to just say ‘Ohio’ when referring to ‘The Ohio State University’. They do this on purpose because they know that this drives true Buckeye fans insane. I should have included this on my list:)

  9. Number 10 is not funny. In Buckeye country it’s , “OHIO”, and it’s all good. Jamal knows this cause he is still a Buckeye. I can tell. Go Bucks!!
    I just remembered you and Brandi are spouses. This is quit entertaining to me. You are noticing the irritation now before the golden years get here. You guys didn’t have six kids and you work together a lot, so take my advise I gave in the other comment I sent. Still smiling 🙂

  10. well I recon we could all have a list of various things and people to put on this list but I will spare you–but I liked some of the things you put on yours–that one about finances and leadership–the one about reformed stuff.i guess ill put one on here –I cant stand epistemologists who refuse to graduate up to ontologists.

  11. 1. The pfunky griddle

    and thank you for #2.

    Sparty On.

  12. i’ll do a 5er

    5. Narrowing the word “discipleship” down to one aspect of it e.g. one on one or small group meetings. Its supposed to characterize our whole life in Christ.

    4. Calling someone a “hipster”

    3. Telling people to “get out of their comfort zone” as a means to manipulate them.

    2. Okra (worst texture ever!!! Even when its fried it reconstitutes in your mouth and slides down your throat.)

    1. Tarot root flavored ice cream. (had in china in 06 and still can’t get the taste out of my mouth!)

  13. sorry. taro#. The plant. Not the means of divination.

  14. Thank God you have one awesome wife, because if you were a single brother, I’d go on Christianmingle.com and find a gals who are BBQ lovers and are into systematic, reformed, and evangelical theology on top of being from and lovers of Michigan who have CNN, Fox news, and MSNBC on at their homes 24/7 and have them do whatever it is they do to connect with you online. I’d devote all of my extra time to research this till it happened, since, in this pipe dream I’d be rich and a bit snobby too. 🙂

    • Gunnar,

      Ha ha, wow brother, your comment is absolutely incredible. How you managed to incorporate all those items from the list in that flow of thought is way beyond my pay grade. The word ‘beautiful’ cannot even begin to describe it:)

  15. • The language of the Christian Religion
    • Love without experiential expression
    • Fast food restaurants
    • Deadlines
    • Physical pain
    • Spiders in the house
    • Religious TV
    • Mushrooms
    • When communication is grossly misinterpreted.
    • Cancer
    • When people cry alone.

  16. My list changes often. Here’s what it’s been looking like the last few months:

    1. When people say, “I’m going to church.”

    2. When people say, “let’s worship The Lord” and staring at the back of someone’s neck while singing a song with 350 people is as far as their definition of worship reaches.

    3. Doing dishes

    4. When people, particularly individuals purporting to be Christians, won’t entertain a different paradigm.

    5. People who are quick to offer advice and ask for help but rarely if ever jump in and lend a hand.

    Jamal, would you write a blog post on why systematic, reformed, and evangelical theology bothers you. Perhaps another witty top 20 list but in depth?


    • Jared,

      Great list brother! I’m with you about #3, but I have found that #3 with a fellow bro or sis is glorious!!!

      Also, that’s a compelling suggestion for a future blog post. Thank you for that.

  17. 1- neckties
    2- church clothes, ever if you ain’t goin to church
    3- man driven fellowships passing being passed off as God’s will
    4-showboats, celebrity preachers, and the $$ messages
    6-24 hour news feeds
    7- harsh indoor lighting (harsh is a relative term)
    8- swindlers, snake oil salesmen, scam artists
    9- neckties
    10- clothes that itch
    11- 80’s hairbands
    12- snobs
    13- neckties
    14- mixing the OC with the NC and the heartbreak it creates
    15- Bible based arguments
    16- tags on shirts
    17- neckties, for 18, 19, & 20

    • Jim,

      Thanks for sharing your list. #14 could also be on my list too. It causes tremendous heartbreak indeed.

      Also I could be wrong about this Jim, but after reading through your list, I get the sense that you are not a fan of neckties. Would that be accurate?

  18. It must be the peanuts and cashews as an ice cream topping that bothers the Lord, right? 😉 And, Kat, I’m with you: I have no quarrel with spiders when they’re outside, but when they come into our house they’re fair game.

    • Catherine,

      I could be wrong about this, but I don’t believe that the Lord would EVER put peanuts or cashews on His ice cream. Just sayin.

  19. -Folding & putting away laundry for 6 people. It’s like digging a hole, just to fill it back in, and then digging it back up again….ugh!
    -Dead beat and abusive parents
    -clowns & spiders (both are so creepy)
    -People who think they’re better than others. Wait, is that pride?
    -Horror movies

  20. Thanks for keeping it real, Jamal.

  21. for #3, do you think “theology” in general is just silly? after all, we don’t really study our friends, we just get to know them by our relationship.

  22. Thank you brother. Just returned from Thailand where barbecue is truly the real deal. How do you like your roaches?

    My list of insanity-causing things is boundless but here’s a few –

    1. Putting the “words” of the bible above or ahead of the Word that became flesh.
    2. The christian religion in all of its forms, especially modern-day american evangelicalism
    3. Trying to convert, win, or otherwise seduce a human soul into following the Lord – the MLM gospel on other words
    4. Anything seeker-friendly; if anyone tells you to come as you are, please stay where you were
    5. Church signs, church buildings, church groups, OK church period
    6. Modern day rulers of the synagogues
    7. Anyone who says the USA is a christian nation
    8. Putting Paul (or Peter, to John or Jim or anyone in fact) above or ahead of the Lord
    9. People who follow other people who follow the Lord – why not just follow Him yourself like He invited you to?
    10. So-called “christian” anything – The Son of God didn’t come down to start a brand, or a religion or a political party
    11. Dogmatism – it makes my dog look bad
    12. Religion – all forms, kinds, variations, expressions, yes even the christian
    13. Substituting doctrine with the Truth that is our Lord and Life
    14. Making the New Testament, especially the epistles, a rule book
    15. James letter – why is this in the Bible at all

  23. When no. 1 – and only point – becomes your inability to just forget about this ridiculous list, your heart will be in THE right place for standing under His shower of blessings all your days long, bro 😀

  24. Is #16 the real reason for your future adventure. Awfully convenient timing. Great combinations in this list brother. As for me:

    1. Folding laundry
    2. Going more than 3 days in a row without a night to myself
    3. Being around people who are on week 2 of the Virgin Diet
    4. Reality TV
    5. Efficiency at the expense of interpersonal experience

    Love you brother

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