Music, Reality, & Resurrection…

January 31, 2014

On Wednesday of this week, I posted a blog about a band that I have recently discovered that put two of my deepest prayers into song. You can read about that and listen to those two beautiful songs by clicking HERE.

A friend also recently told me that she likes the way that I use the word reality. I use that word a lot in conversation. I love reality because reality is what is real. Reality is the opposite of lies. Jesus said that He is the “Way, the Truth, and the Life…” (John 14:6). While many folks may be familiar with this passage of scripture, many have not known that the word commonly translated as truth in John 14:6 can also be translated as reality. Basically, Jesus is saying that He is Reality!

I have discovered that music is a big part of reality. There is a rhythm to just about everything.  Music is everywhere.  Because Christ is reality, He is continually being expressed through music regardless of the awareness of the composer who made the music.  Listening for reality (Christ) in music can be such a life-giving practice. Sometimes, music can even raise the dead!

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about this kind of a resurrection that was captured on video. It’s one of my all time favorites! I’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes to revisit that post and watch the video of this resurrection by clicking HERE.

For the reality,

Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee

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7 responses to Music, Reality, & Resurrection…

  1. Yes that old man is sweet..and that is what I like about being an ontologist..the divine life in me giving me his life that wants to flow out of me..he livens me up to come out expressing his being just like that music livened up that old man..this is reality

  2. Jamal, went back and read your post and watched Henry. . . amazing joy,man, thank you. In the same batch of emails that yours arrived came this other story of resurrection of a different sort that happened last Thursday. This college kid/star athlete/pastor’s son in October lost the ability to walk without explanation. He had kinda lost hope of walking but then in a dream and thru a 4 year old boy God spoke and last Thursday he walked again. Amazing stuff. . . Amazing Living God. Link to story if you want to check it out:

    The fruit of it is the testimony created and the reaction of wonder in the tv anchors when they covered his story:

  3. Hey Jamal, I agree, that video has become my all time favorite too. What the man says at the end blew my mind.

    I shared it with Jay Ferris too, when you first put it out, and he posted it on his blog. He added this comment to it,

    “Music shatters prisons in and of our minds, and even sets the captives free! :-)”

    P.S. didn’t know that about the word ‘truth’ being connected to ‘reality.’ Cool!

  4. The simplicity of Life is revealed in the reality of His music that surrounds us. Every love song is His Love song. In it all He sings to us….”come to Me”

  5. Jamal,

    Have you ever watched Battlestar Galactica (re imagined) or Lost? These are my two favorite shows of all times. Music and its relation to reality is such an integral part of both narratives, at least in their final seasons anyway. Not surprisingly both shows deal a great deal with faith, belief, and community in some very direct ways as well. I highly recommend them.

    • Alan, thanks for your comment. I am a bit familiar with the show ‘Lost’. There does seem to be a lot there. I’ll have to keep those shows in mind. Thx!

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