A Strange Mascot & The Corruption of Little Children…

June 2, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to visit some wonderful people over the memorial day weekend.  The family I stayed with have several children.  This family was a true joy to be around, including their two year old daughter.  In addition to being an adorable two year old, I strongly sensed the Lord speaking to my heart through the way she lived her life.  Yes, that’s right.  You can learn a lot from the life of a two year old.  

Bernie Brewer 

I’m not a baseball fan, so I had no idea who Bernie Brewer was. Apparently, Bernie Brewer is the mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. I learned this through the life of an adorable two year old who introduced me to him.  Some children like to carry around security blankets, others carry around baby dolls or stuffed animals.  This precious two year old, however, likes to haul around a two and a half foot tall plastic lawn ornament of Bernie Brewer.

Bernie Brewer As you can see from the picture, Bernie Brewer is not your average doll baby.  Nor is he your average mascot either.  He’s actually constructed around the image of a sixty nine year old man!  He’s got a handle bar mustache and all!  It was quite comical to see this adorable child tote this little old man around as her ‘baby’ all weekend.  She carried him around the house, took him outside with her to play, and cuddled with him for naps.  Many stories were shared of the times she would put diapers and dresses on Bernie as well.  Bernie was her favorite.  To us adults, this seemed quite bizarre.  To this little child, however, it was completely normal.  I knew that what I was witnessing was no accident.  I sensed the Lord causing me to press into this picture He was providing.  

Right now, this child isn’t aware that having an old man like Bernie Brewer as a doll baby isn’t socially acceptable.  She’s still too childlike.  In her eyes, she delights in him with a childlike innocence and joy.  She can’t see anything else.  I imagine when she’s older, she’ll catch on that this kind of thing isn’t normal.  Girls don’t usually have old men doll babies.   When she does realize this, she’ll probably stop playing with Bernie Brewer.  The thought actually makes me a bit sad.     

Like I mentioned earlier, you can learn a lot from a child.  This is especially true for those of us who have been awakened to the kingdom of God.  Only the ones with childlike eyes can see into this new realm.  If there is one thing that keeps us from seeing into the kingdom of God on a day by day basis, it’s adulthood. Adulthood is the great wall builder keeping us from truly knowing one another. The bricks and mortar of these hideous walls are made out of human / religious wisdom.  In the name of maturity, they introduce fear and shame into that which childlike eyes delight in.  

This is nothing new.  Two thousand years ago, in the midst of a very religious society, Jesus asked that the children would not be prevented from coming to him because children are a picture of all of us.  In the kingdom of God, He is bringing us back to childhood; before fear, heartache, and human / religious wisdom came in to erect walls.  Ultimately, these walls keep us from one another relationally.  As a result, these walls keep us from Christ Himself as we are His dwelling place.  

Jesus is protective of childlike hearts.  Very protective.  He despises the fear that takes us away from childlike delight in one another.  He despises that which comes in to cause the love of those with childlike innocence to grow cold.  It makes Him quite angry.  Can you hear the anger in this statement?

“And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea”. -Matthew 18:5-6

Wow, what passion in that statement!  I can hear His heart perfectly.  Love is the currency in the kingdom of God.  Everything hangs on love. Without love, all we have is meaningless ideas, law, and religious striving.  He is zealous to protect our hearts and keep our childlike love alive and well.  

Brothers and sisters, I have beautiful news.  He is in the process of making us like this adorable two year old I had the privilege of meeting over memorial day weekend.  He is giving us eyes to truly see, and the implications for the kingdom are profound.  


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22 responses to A Strange Mascot & The Corruption of Little Children…

  1. Wow! This brought a swell to my heart. Not only do we missed the big picture of love, that little ones can see clearly, but how many times have we tried to “teach the little ones”to do what is socially acceptable for their betterment?

    Many times I catch myself trying to pull my children out of their youth, when I should be climbing into their youth with them!! Thank you for this well-written blog. It has provoked me to really think this morning. 🙂

  2. I have a great nephew that’s almost 3.
    One of his most common statements is “OH WOW!”

    When we can gain this childlike expression Life unfolds before us with wonder, and majesty.

  3. Seeing into kingdom truths makes Life make sense. It is when we see Life thru worldly eyes that confuses us. Now i am beginning to understand why I’ve been confused for most of my life.

    As He reveals His love, His light, His life; it is then that we are able to discard all the nonsense of this world & really begin to comprehend how wide, how deep, how long & how high His love is. Simple, beautiful, childlike wonder. Thank you once again TH for sharing these beautiful, wondrous, Life-giving revelations with me. PS i love you!

  4. Kenneth Dawson June 2, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    You are so much very correct..there is nothing like simple child-like trust in our caring creator..I mean if he went through all that trouble to buy us back from Satans control and then he just ignores our needs then why bother..as my unregenerated mom says..if your going to do a job and only do it half-assed then don’t bother to start it at all..I am trusting my loving father to finish what he started.

  5. Haha…”Girls don’t usually have old men doll babies.” That’s my favorite line. It’s crazy that this happened last weekend because The Lord was speaking to me this weekend on the camping trip thru Selah. I’ll tell you about it. I saw freedom…real raw innocent fearless freedom. It was captivating.

  6. Mary O’Neal June 2, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    That was a great story Jamal but you gave it the spiritual meaning behind the words of Jesus. This reminded me of my son and his wife who has a cute little two year old. They were outside planting the garden when all of a sudden the neighbor was coming down their long country lane with their little daughter. Right away mom and dad ware frantic after being told their daughter walked up the long lane, crossed the road and was half way up the neighbors lane across the road. Any parent would be. But the innocence of this little one who feared no danger but was out on a walk all by herself. We as children can learn not to fear when we are out by ourselves knowing that our Father has promised us His protection and nothing will ever harm us. Thank you Jesus for taking care of the little ones, spiritual babes or human babes.

  7. So beautiful, Jamal. I will never think about having a child-like heart again in the same way after this. I’m ruined by this image!

  8. This is so freeing! I’ve often been accused of being too child like and that I just need to “grow up.” Just the other day I was being silly and singing with my sister and my dad chimed in and said “Well I guess you and your sister haven’t changed much since you were little girls…we just can’t take you two anywhere in public.” I’m so free to be the light hearted me in Christ! I’m free to listen to my Father when He invites me to come and play. I will never feel ashamed again about my childlike ways 😀

  9. Jamal, Your sharing blessed me greatly as the older I get the more I find my heart is becoming more child like and less influenced by those who would want to put me under law to conform to their understandings of Christianity .
    Freedom to be and express His love with one another as His undefiled children is a beautiful gift for those who have eyes who see ” thank you for your insightful vision .Hugs , kisses and love always and always <3

  10. Jesus said to Nicodemus, your knowledge of the Law and all your knowledge of Israel’s history won’t do here. In this realm you need to start anew, be born again. You need to learn All things afresh.
    Children are so open to learning the new every day, and they don’t lose the sense of wonder.
    Jesus said the secrets of the Kingdom are revealed only to babes, for so it pleased the Father. Why ? Because the children are the ones who are open and they are the ones who appreciate. The “adults” will abuse them, they will trample them under their feet. And our Lord does not throw pears to pigs.

  11. “Listen, hear the sound
    The child awakes
    Wonder all around
    The child awakes
    Now in his life, he never must be lost
    No thoughts must deceive him
    In life he must trust
    With the eyes of a child
    You must come out and see
    That your world’s spinning ’round
    And through life you will be
    A small part of a hope
    Of a love that exists
    In the eyes of a child you will see
    Earth falls far away
    New life awaits
    Time it has no day
    New life awaits
    Here is your dream
    And now how does it feel?
    No words will go with you
    And now what is real?
    With the eyes of a child
    You must come out and see
    That your world’s spinning ’round
    And through life you will be
    A small part of a hope
    Of a love that exists
    In the eyes of a child you will see”

    Moody Blues “The Eyes of a Child”


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